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Monday, August 27, 2007

Redtube - sexy Youtube - detailed information


1. Is it safe?
So far, Redtube is safe. No browser hijack attempt or malware installation was recorded.

2. Can i watch Redtube anonimously?
As any other web site, Redtube collects information about your browser and IP address.

3. Who own
Domain is registered on service provider (USA). No other information available.

4. Is there any way do download or save videos from redtube?
There are some scripts but there is no simple or elegant way to save videos.
Some people say that Download accelerator DAP, version 5 or lower can do that.

5. How many people are browsing redtube?
Currently, about 80.000 unique visitors daily.

1 comment:

administrator said...

80 000 daily? I estimate 4 million daily.

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